I havent posted much on here for a while, but i havent been looking around much, until i saw this today, just after i’d been to see simian mobile disco in London and heard this new amazing track, and ive been tracking Kate on her work with this, and finally its here! I real treat of what i can only describe as atomic collisions on the dance floor!!


Little bit of cool animation and remix collaboration work!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Jocelyn Allen

January 16, 2009

2114624693_5cf604a6beA  bit of warm hearted promotion for friends! Jocelyn is a student of the University of Wales Newport currently in her second year studying Photographic Art. Her work revolves mostly around Fashion Photography, working with model and nature to make some seriously tantalizing and beautiful pieces of work. The photograph above is from the project ‘Secret Garden’ and is one im proud to show on my blog site!

Tim Walker

January 16, 2009

Hannelore Knuts, 'What's in Vogue?', London 2005, Italian VogueBack in September at the start of my course i visited London and headed down to the design museum to see what was going on and, brilliantly enough i came across the works of Tim Walker, a fashion photographer and the man of big props. The exhibition was amazing, with some of his big props, like the massive lieca camera, to get up close and see the detail of. His work is amazing, ranging from fantasy to recapturing the childhood book and illustrations of his youth to recreate the fashion shoots he is so renowned for. Perhaps it is because of this exhibition i began to witness the fashion world becoming the art world for the first time. His models often become toy pieces wind up dolls or plastic ones. His work with animals is very odd, but at the same time fresh, using colour powder on cats and elephants to engage the viewer with a sense of surrealism and wonder. I really think everyone should have Tim walker as part of their top 10 photographers and if you dont then god bless you!!!


Gregory Crewdson

January 16, 2009


Gregoary Crewdson works around the similar theme of movie still images as does Jeff Wall, Philip Lorac Dicrocia and Cindy Sherman. His style i ive just realised is similar to my last post of Denis Darzacq. Crewdson’s work plays around the idea of the still bridge between movie and still life, capturing the pinicle moments and enforcing them with fantasy, the observed or just surreal. My two favorite images of his play on the theme of childhood stories and phenomenon, for instance the stalk grown out of the ground reaching right up to the sky with someone climbing on it is a pastiche of jack and the bean stalk.


Finished But Not Over.

January 15, 2009

After going through the trials and tribulations of creating 10 products for a magazine titled 10, and creating 10 double page spreads i am pooped. But all i want to keep doing is carrying on my magazine, as an underground piece, i think im capable of it but i would need a lot more help. So i think im going to create a collaboration piece of peoples work from around the uni to hand in work and stories to be published by the university and to be free, being handed out in Cardiff and Bristol as part of who we are at Newport. AT the moment this all seems a bit too much for me as im completely knackered! But stay tuned for further developments!

Denis Darzacq

January 15, 2009


French photographer Denis Darzacq’s work is absolutely amazing, think of those moments when you thought it would be funny to take pictures of your friends mid air…then times that by 10 and you get the very spiritual sculptures of Darzecq. His floating forms are what struck me as being very magical and almost as if the people in his photographs were weightless. This portraiture project is all taken in a supermarket, amongst the goods and aisle drifting, seemingly almost sleeping states in a consumerist environment. Anyway this is my last post for today befor i hand in my Magazine brief. Thanks to those who looked at my blog and i will be continuing this on! photo06