Magazine Brief.

November 13, 2008

Second year Projects are always a slap in the face after a nice long summer holiday (which i spent some of in Croatia…nice!) However this ones been an inspiring surprise and much welcomed to my return at university. The brief is vast in media, from a 10 double page spread magazine titled ‘TEN’ to an online blog (i.e this) and to create 10 innovative products from commodities or components. So i set out with a theme, my inspiration largely steamed from the brilliant “If you could do Anything Tomorrow What would It Be?”. So i got myself on Facebook and asked people what would be their top 10 ‘What Ifs?’ I had over 30 reply’s and many of them corkers! So as you can see above this is where its begun to pull me. I LOVE SILK SCREEN PRINTING, dont get me infact do…nothings better than getting my hands dirty/inky to produce beautiful polished outcomes with that slight rugged feeling….contradiction i know. I’ve got more coming up so stay tuned!


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