What If We Could Talk To God?

December 17, 2008

What if, Ey? Gosh wouldnt it be swell? Well Probably not, i rekon even if we got the chance to speak to god, and all tried asking whats the meaning of life, he’d laugh…”That’s the whole point.” he’d say, “What is it? The experiments still on going!” Until he knows we wont. So i made these tickets, because i know the Britsh Race Loves a Que, for the bank, shopping or even to have a number 1 or 2. So i set about again down in the print room, to produce some lovely/beautiful tickets full of gold! Got the idea of black and gold ink mix from my very good friend Thomas Morris, who pointed out that the Sam Sparrow song, ‘Black And Gold’ is all about God…..funny i thought, and the lyrics are equally beautiful! So here they are….not the lyrics…the tickets


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