Alien (Thing 2)

December 18, 2008

Alien scared me a lot as a child, i saw it not long after my 7th Christmas, my father had recorded it on tv and started watching it in the morning, by the end of the film i couldn’t even go to my room, in fear that one of the face huggers would get me. Now im older not much has changed! Anyway, you could say this film has had a huge influence on my life! Now i appreciate all the visual futuristic graphics on the computers the well crafted sets by H.R.Giger and the direction of Ridley Scott. Its the collaboration of of artists coming together to making something so real, even today the graphics and special Fx Visuals stun me. But its the sets of H.R.Giger and his imagination to bring to screen one of the most terrifying creatures of our modern day. H.R.Giger works mostly in acrylics on canvas, sexually disturbing images of female form and phallic symbols mixed with monstrous images. He was possibly the only man to be able to create such horror. He has also collaborated with the likes of KORN to produce John Davie’s microphone Stand, he deals with sculpture and furniture design as well as being an image maker. A true and Dark Genius!

So check him out for yourself. H.R.Giger


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