Tool Album Cover ‘Laterlus’ (Thing 1)

December 18, 2008

dsc_00031Tools album cover for their 3rd album Lateralus, has always been one of my favorite piece of design and art work ever since college. hugely influential in my life, that most of my work in college revolved around it. Now im a bit older (6 years almost) im looking back on it. The cover design and cd slip, was designed by a pretty much unkown designer Mackie Osborne, and you can see some of his other works. However My favorite part of the album is the sleeve, designed by Alex Grey, his work mostly consisting of existential portraites and linear geometric formulas, evoking ideas of spirituality. Here is his website i seriously recommend checking him out. Ill be looking into him a bit later on.

Alex Grey

Tool Band (for some errie goings on!)


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