Hannah Waldron Zine ‘ First Waves, Then Clouds’ (thing 5)

December 21, 2008

When at the book arts fare i stumbled across an artist named Hannah Waldron, then i realised i’d already seen her work in an issue of my Grafik!! AMAZING i thought and purchased one of her Zines for 2 pounds titled ‘ First Waves, Then Clouds’.  I love collecting art work of all types and find its a privalige to own a piece of work by someone i look up too. Hannah Waldron graduated from Brighton University in 2007 where she studied Illustration and now works from her studio in Deptford producing books and artworks as well as also doing freelance work. Recent clients include Anorak Magazine, The Big Chill, Polydor records, Good Shoes+ Brille Records, Counterpart Magazine and Routledge. Thats a huge achievement for someone barely out of university, and her style is completly original from what i’ve seen around, its her delicate dotted lines and use of minimal detail with maximal technique using simple line illustration. A perfect combination to create her images, which are often a combination of characters, imagined landscapes and geometry. Beautiful. (also posted on yoinkit.wordpress.com)

Hannah Waldron


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