Jesus Image (Thing 7)

December 21, 2008

Now i hope this post doesn’t offend anyone so ill keep myself to myself about religion, so lets just talk semiotics šŸ˜€ HA! I myself am not religious but i’d say spiritual and i have a great fascination of the world and its many different and beautiful religions (my favorites Hindu ….oh there i go!!) I’ve lived in the middle east and Spain and Britain, and experienced some of the worlds leading religions and lived in their cultures, traditions and climates! But for me the Catholics seem to be the most serious and often devoted to their many wonderful traditions, that being in Spain. So you can guess I’ve seen a LOT of images of Christ, and out of all of them, i’ve come across some very funny interpretations (i.e. flashing lights around Christ set in a frame on my way past a stall coming out of one of the summer fiestas in Spain.) Kitsch is a brilliant word for this image, it sums up the billions of images and the many variations of Christ in his mortal form. I’d say this image speaks largly of Christ as a sympathizer, someone i know (of Christan faith) called it a ‘weak’ image of Christ. Even so Religion and its symbols and its cultural ruling in society, is humanities rather exciting and often strange part in a technologically advancing race. Where will it be in 50 years time? I guess it’ll be right here, whisking its way around the Internet village to all its followers!

Image in Frame found in Newport Charity Shop. Cost 50p.


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