Kraftwerk ‘The Model” Vinyl single (thing 8)

December 21, 2008


Rumaging around in my grandmas loft i came across my parents old vinyls. Amongst them all was this Korker! I’m a huge fan Electro and Techno sounds and Kraftwerk are the boys who set it all off, computer programed beats and bleeps and made their first real buck out of the single ‘The Model’. If you havent heard it then just downloa…i mean BUY FROM A RECORD STORE, or itunes alternativly. I’ve put it on here, mainly for its cutting edge graphics and its importance as a group of guys doing something new and exciting! You could compare them to those darned wierd Italian Futurists, for their visionary of computer technology taking over, and a decade later being right. I cant find out who designed the cover anywhere but i presume someone equally ahead of their time. Anyway if you find out let me know, coz id love to find out too.


One Response to “Kraftwerk ‘The Model” Vinyl single (thing 8)”

  1. music4videos Says:

    Cool post. Kraftwerk is a very cool band. I’ve posted some electronic rock music videos on my blog, feel free to visit.

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