Mr. Stay Puft Toy (Thing 6)

December 21, 2008


I’ve had this Stay Puft Marshmellow man from the first Ghost Busters for well over a decade now and hes still with me. I knew as a child this guy was the collest character ever made (well him and dexter from dexers laboratory!) Stay Puft was the iconic symbol of the Ghostbusters block buster movie in the 80’s and is still a bit of an icon today (mostly with adults!) His designer was actually Dan Aykroyd, and the creator was a man called Bill Bryan who wore the suite as well. Through a clever mix of miniatures, optical compositing, and the performance of Bill Bryan himself inside the latex, this simple rubber suit appeared on screen as a 100 plus foot monster made of mallow, bent on stomping the life out the Ghostbusters and anything else that might get in his way. Its an obvious cross between the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Michellin Man ! Still brilliant!


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