Soviet Stamps (thing 9)

December 21, 2008

Back at the beginning of the semester i travelled to Bristol’s indoor market place and had a look around, i came across and clutter of what appeared to be paper, or plastic sleeves, but then i realised it was a huge collection of stamps, and some of them very expensive. Anyway the man behind the counter was a very funny character named Richard Wynne and talked to us a while about the stamps. I decided on buying these Soviet stamps celebrating their space expeditions, from 1966! Im a huge fan of the constructivist and the Russian revolution, and cold war, so having these in my collection of things seems very important when speaking of design. I haven’t got a clue on the designers of these but that doesn’t matter so much as looking at the constructivist such as Tatlin,El Lissrodchenko-mayak-nippleitzky and Rodchenko, as part of heritage to these designs. Largely dealing in geometric shape, and fascination with industry and its power and movement similar to the Futurists. The space race was the next step for a nation in the technology age to prove its credentials and itself as a super power. It must have seemed like a mind boggling time for the nations involved and also a fearful time, once the nuclear bomb was invented, power, seemed like the driving force to supremacy and design its propaganda tool.


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