DAFT PUNK. ‘Discovery’

December 22, 2008

Daft Punk are probably my all time Favorite band and i love to tell the story of seeing them at 02 festival in 2007 and thus, made me change my course and direction in life after seeing their live show. So the reason im here blogging is all down to these guys and i couldn’t thank them enough for inspiring me. If you have never seen them live, you’ve probably missed one of the best DJ partnerships to have graced this planet, Seriously. Not only do they make great music and work with other artists like Sebastian Teller, they made a move called ‘Electroma’, that film sums up the men behind the helmets and their long journey through music, and their need and even want to finish their musical careers and become human again. They are a hugly conceptual pair, even though their music is all beats and funk, they obviously weren’t born as robots (although legend has it….) Part of me concludes that their use of robotic suits lends itself to the technology age in which we are all in some shape or form, computerised, be it numerically, bank cards, license plates, house number, we are in a database in a computer and have become a digital and electronic particle in the ever expanding world of technology. We also rely heavily on computer technology, our society couldn’t function without it now, much to its power, the machine is as fragile as we are and Daft Punk have caught the essence of this perfectly. This album is part of that step into this idea of the digital age. I’m in love with the type on the front cover, a liquid metal effect that glows the colour spectrum, a perfect combination of metal, electronic and spirituality. Their live sets encompass of of those feelings, and their music bonds the crowd together on a spiritual journey through their music. Just have a look for them on the web. they are everywhere so you wont miss them.


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