IDN (Internation Designers Network) Vol. 15 No.5 The GEO-HEROS ISSUE!!!!!!

December 22, 2008

Sorry about the Photograph, i just wanted you to be able to see the spot varnish across the cover. Idn is one of those design mags you wish you could afford every month, or alternatively were as cheap as the crap OK magazines that those plonkers buy, but alas, Quality means Costly. Idn works as ( JEZZZZ  just found out its printed in Hong Kong….!!!) a portfolio publication for up and coming artists and Designers, and is mostly based on the new rather than the old. So its a current magazine, and this ones my favorite out of all of my magazines, because its the GEOMETRY ISSUE, and all the geo-artists that are making the scene bend out of shape are in this issue, but i wont go into them just yet on this blog. Its constant use of different paper stocks gives the magazine a tactile sensation as well as its use of layout and design, its imaginative and feels like its always on the verge of being clutter. So her it is, other than loving it, i Cherish it as an object of desire, bloody hell who wouldn’t, it costs a tenner (10 pounds sterling to the American crowd!)

Heres a guy i totally love featured in Idn this month, a real hippy in disguise! Steven Harrington.


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