Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures”

December 22, 2008

Now i know they are one of the worlds biggest and life long geniuses of music, but behind the band was an amazing Designer, and my all time favorite, NAY, my all time EVER Favorite!! Peter Saville is the master mind behind most of Factory records visual work, for the Hacienda, New Order, Joy Division and the Factory. This album is one of the most iconic album sleeves of the post punk era, the band were responsible for giving Saville the image, its a radio wave emitting from a collapsed star, i couldn’t think of a more perfect image to signify the band and its sound, isolation, desperation and bleakness. Depressing stuff…

However Saville doesn’t make the graphic stand out bold and in your face, its set centrally on the cover, surrounded by dark space, no type or text, he leaves that for the back  and it mirrors the image perfectly giving little away to its contents or song titles. Simply titled  Unknown Pleasures. For my album cover earlier on i used this as a pastiche for art work, inverting the colours, using the old stereo visuals to signify the death of music as the visuals fade and flat line. Check out my products in the category Ten Magazine Products.

Here’s the Design Museums link to Peter Savilles Bio.   – +


2 Responses to “Joy Division “Unknown Pleasures””

  1. Steven Says:

    Saville did not design anything for Happy Mondays. All that work was (& still is) done by Central Station Design.

    • dubk85 Says:

      yeah sorry, thanks for bringing that to my attention, gosh aren’t i an idiot! Ill edit that part now so i don’t get any more complaints! Thanks again!

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