My Childhood Favorite And a Timeless Classic I Present “Where The Wild Things Are”

December 22, 2008

When i was younger i first came across this book as it was read to me, around the age of 5 or 6. I remember it so well that i bought it about a year ago, just so i could recapture how captivating the illustrations were and the story. Looking through that book as a child, i felt completely immersed in the story and it had a very strange effect over me, almost an eerie feeling of being whisked away far away just like Max in the book. I think it was the first piece of literature that i felt i related to, something that i could comprehend in a world full of incomprehensible things. I dont know if any of you remember the 80’s as a child, but it was a time of special effects silicon suits (like the Never Ending Story, and Labyrinth) they will always haunt me, especially when watching them i had no idea about the plots or significance; i just remember having a weird slightly scared and lonely feeling as a child. This children’s book was published in the 1960’s it also being an award winning piece of childrens literature, sendaks work come out of post war America and was said to have dared to go where no other childrens author would dare. Sendak had also created another children’s book called In the Night Kitchen, which was prevented from being published because of an illustration of a naked boy appearing throughout the book. If your a illustration lover, i suggest you purchase this brilliant book, and feel how i felt as a child. Go get Lost in its wild world!


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