Samim Album ‘Flow’

December 22, 2008

Samim is another Electro/house group i’ve fallen in love with in the past year, some seriously mellow beats and bass, but with that funny little funky style that makes him different to the mass in the scene. However it isn’t his music im interested in, its the illustration on the front and inlay that i love. These guys are called Tom & Leo, but unfortunately their webpage isnt up to much, and it just seems to be a means of getting in contact which i have with no reply. This is the only piece of work and design i have seen of theirs. The image on the front of the album is a crazy little world and all sorts are going on, with quirky little characters working in and out of the rest of the image. It’s defiantly a very contemporary piece of illustration, and if i find anything more about them ill post it up here straight away.


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