Simian Mobile Disco.

December 22, 2008


Another of my top favorite bands and album covers, in much the same vain as Daft Punk and Justice Simian Mobile Disco are our answer the the electronic music scene and have been said to be up there with the likes of chemical brothers, and i’d say they’re right! You may have noticed earlier that i showed you one of my favorite things and it was my SMD t-shirt by kate moross, unfortunately she wasnt on the scene when they have this album cover, but had she have been i think she might have had some part to play in this album sleeve. Right so the sleeve, design by Scot Bendall and La Boca, the photography was by Jason Evans But La Boca are the guys you want to check out, they play a lot with what looks like a cut and paste technique but using digital means to do so, apart from the remix album for simian mobile disco’s album, titled ‘Sample and Hold’ which was done completly by hand cut and paste. They have a very early arcade games design style to them, similar to the retro graphic of the 70’s.  These guys are a new find for me so i’m enjoying them as much as you are!

La Boca


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