Thom Yorke ‘Spitting Feathers’ Single//Japanese Import.

December 22, 2008

There was radio head, and then there was Thom Yorke……and by far is he the greatest musician i have ever come across, yes yes yes i know they are famous, but his solo stuff is unreal! Anyway i wont go on about him, but the art work for both Harrowed hill and this expensive little import i own is that of Stanley Donwood. his work for this album is concerned with the happenings of apocalyptic scenarios.

Fleet Street Apocalypse was cut into linoleum by Stanley Donwood during January and February 2008. It was printed on 4th March, 23rd July and 3rd September 2008 by Stanley Donwood and Richard Lawrence at St Bride’s Institute, Bride Lane, Fleet Street, London, with assistance from Kim Vousden.
The printing press used was made in 1844 in Finsbury, London by Hopkinson & Cope. The paper is acid-free archival quality Somerset White 300gsm satin, with a deckle edge on all sides, and is made at St Cuthbert’s Mill, Wells, Somerset; the ink used is Cranfield Letterpress black.
The print area is 25″ x 38″ (640mm x 970mm approx), and the paper size is 30″ x 44″ (760mm x 1120mm approx).

Due to the large size of this linocut we had to think laterally when it came to working out how to print it. The picture was made up of two sections of linoleum, each cut separately and designed to fit on the platen of the Hopkinson & Cope press. The process we developed involved wrapping sections of the oily press with paper, rolling half of the large sheets of paper within a protective sheet and then printing the unrolled half. When the edition was done, we then repeated this process with the other section of lino. Registration of the two halves of the print was acheived with the archaic technique of making pinholes in the sheets during the first printing then lining up the pinholes for the second.
This process means that each print, though part of an edition, is unique.”

This is just the technical stuff taken from the site Go have a look at the work its amazing beautiful.


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