Grafik June 2008 Profile Rachel Thomas

December 23, 2008

I chose this issue out of my 14 because its just brilliant Pink! The letters INK have a special ink on them that glow in the dark, i just love this effect and the kind of effort Grafik puts in for its readers. This issue the profile is on Rachel Thomas and thats the real reason why i posted this up here. She works in a large range of media, from Giant Inflatables (a bit like Jeff Koons) intricate paper sculpture and glittering props shes “the mistress of materials.” A feel of 1930’s to 1940’s work, and often the surreal can be said to encompasses the work she produces. Come of her clients involve music heavy weights, Roslin Murphy, Oasis and Goldfrapp. Her work is very seductive and hugely feminine working with balloons, “there’s something really rude about balloons, not only the shape but the whole world of balloons…something perverted, something odd.” (Rachel Thomas: Grafik June 08), She is part of the Art and Design Agency The Big Active as well as other artists i will show on here, creating some amazing work.


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