Antoine+Manuel Design

December 30, 2008


I’ve been searchin everywhere for some information about these guys, haven’t found anything, unless it’s in french, and that doesnt help me. The most i know about these Parasian Duo is that their work and style is so heavily used by all the people you’re about to see me upload on here. These guys have been around for a little while and designed so much, interesting colourful and playful pieces it’s insane. They are some true heros of mine. But finding out about them is a poo! The first piece is a poster titlted Gods from their Exhibition in the Degin Museum which took place in Breda, Netherlands. They have a Volume of their works coming out in January which is a really exciting as it concretes their place as serious and high profile designers. Their work is a mixture of shape and texture, often incorperating charaxters weaving in and out of their works. Its so much fun following their designs around like being on a journey through it. Anyway click the image to enjoy their works, and i hope they inspire you as much as they have me!


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