James Turrell.

January 9, 2009

James Turrell could show these boys a thing or two, Turrell was born in 1943 in Los Angeles and graduated from Pomona College in 1965.  His work soon evolved into the geometric Minimalist movement of the 60’s, along with Donald Judd and John Cage and minimalist musician, Turrell began to explore the fundamentals of the geometric shape as a path of spirituality as minimal and pure art form. His work ‘Spirit and Light’, works with the architectural space and projection on the join of two walls to create the illusion of shape and space. The idea of light and shape conjoin to conceptualise the most pure form of spirituality, simplicity in form, free from all chaos and obscurity. His work has greatly influenced me in my understanding of shape and space in my own work.james_turrell jt_3


5 Responses to “James Turrell.”

  1. Monsieur Says:

    I’m just a very young art student, from Lyon (france), and i wanted to say that i like minimal art very much. I’m wondering if it is really all about spirituality. Personnally, i don’t think you can do art with only spirituality, that sounds over-conceptual. Even in concept art you have to think of concrete matters, like in every others kinds of arts. I think that minimal and concept art are mistakes, or failures, but very elegant and smart mistakes. It is all very strange. I have to think of it again and again, because i’m not sure i entirely get it.

    • Steve Hemsley Says:

      Fantastic work Mr Turrel. I know what you mean about the spiritual? I have been working on a different but similar subject for the past five years. This you might like to see one day. I am currently trying to organise a large outdoor event in the UK, which you might like to see. It could be a chance to exchange ideas and methods. Totally over thrown with what you have achieved. Only hope I can show my work with as much success. Colour is art colour that should not exist is a step beyond art and lies in the spirituality of the mind. You have achieved this in your own way, I in mine. Thank you!

      • dubk85 Says:

        I’d be very interested to see some of your outcomes, i am a graphic design student in newport wales. I deal mostly in interactive handmade community projects as part of my final year. my e-mail address is dubk@hotmail.co.uk. Keep me posted!

  2. dubk85 Says:

    I agree that not all minimalist art works are as concrete as i may have written. But for most part i believe that the geometric shapes are a religious representation of the perfection of space and measurement, that forms become a tangible artefact of a higher consciousness in their production. I’m not sure minimalist sculpture is a mistake but like religion it cannot denominate itself to a pure form, its boundaries and structure are as unchangeable no matter how multifaceted it becomes, it will only be an object, and its evolution has a linear outcome, like religion. I hope this helps, i am a design student so my reply is as informed as the information my brain holds. 😀

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