Sister Corita

January 14, 2009


Sister Corita was a Nun in the 1960’s and also an political activist. During the 60’s Vietnam war had become public knowledge of the conflict and brutality, through great photographers such as Don Mcullin. Coritas work have been regarded as “more adventurous” than Andy Warhol, taking screen printing to the streets and protest as an art form that speaks to the people rather than a self indulgent profitable art form that Pop Art was gaining its reputation for. Although her work evolved over her career, what I found interesting was her re-assemblage of advertising slogans, commercial products, headlines, etc., her distorted typography, her bold color palettes, her strong philosophical/political messages and the overall positivity and freshness that emanates from her work and has it feel as new today as it did over 40 years ago. She really is an amazing women and a heroin of our time.


One Response to “Sister Corita”

  1. Michael Says:

    Could you please let me know the title of this print or provide details on how to find it?

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