Tara Donovan

January 14, 2009


Tara Donovans work, seems to represent that of global warming and environmental issues creating sculptural pieces out of plastic cups, fishing lines, and paper plates. Her sculptures are organic and beautiful, it captures a lot of the organic shapes of the ocean and its beauty being damaged by man kinds reckless consumerism and disposable lifestyles we lead today. These forms have a very minimalist feel to them, pure forms white space with the quality of detail. Her work reminds me of the architect Zaha Hadid for their play with curves and fluid structures. Not only does her work reflect and environmental angle it also plays with space and infinity, the white expanse of the work imitates an endless construction of everyday materials. The way she constructs her pieces has to take place within the exhibition space, thus creating the space along the same processes as many minimalists of the 1960’s such as James Turrel as I’ve mentioned before, the architecture of the space becomes the sculpture.



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