frontcoverimage2I’m a Student (BLOODY STUDENTS!) at the University of Wales Newport, apprently it’s a really good course….and they’de be right (those people)! This is my second year project and already its taken me a long time to produce all these little things im showing you! I’d call myself a Graphic Artist rather than a Graphic Designer, i love everything to do with art and design. Some of my top loves are: The Futurists, Consturctivists and Minimalists. Big fan Kate Moross and Parra and Peter Saville. I love Electronica Music, i think the art and fashion that’s accompanying it at the moment, is bright playful and inspiring, and i try to take elements from everywhere and put them back into my work. So here’s a taste of what im all about, feel free to comment.

(This Image Was Created By Emma Hand, Collaboration Project, Create a Visual Portrait for My Magazine Front Cover, Using the grid from the poster. 2008 copyrite. Ten Magazine)

Duncan Gravestock.


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