Olivia Fremineau

January 10, 2009


Fashion photographers Olivia Fremineau has created some surreal portraits, always bright and beautiful. Her work centers itself round Fashion photography, using props to create humorous and intelligent alternatives to the fashion photography world. Her models become Sculptural pieces often absurd and imaginative, like an acid trip in the subconscious! She also dabbles in installation also creating stuffed animals or using obects to represent an alternative meaning like plated hair becoming snakes, but it is her photography that really caught my eye. Her work is not to dissimilar of the great Tim Walker having an almost fairytale feel about them.



December 30, 2008

This is a little 10 post day of my top 10 current designers, it’s hard to put down my all time top ten, but i like to keep things current on my blog, and old skool in my research file, you could say im a Futurist, without the dodgy manifesto. The reasons i’ve chosen some of these designers is down to a few pointers, and ill list them:

1: They are still dsigning and good at it.

2:They make work i wish i was in some way cappable of

3:They have been used as sources of inspiration at one point in my design journey.



Black Devil Disco Club “Eight Oh Eight”


Cursor Minor “Dance Flaw”

Now i couldnt find either of these albums in an HMV or Zavvi (long live Virgin) so i purchased them off the good old itunes (of course). Now i didnt come across these seemingly unheard of DJs via a ‘music guru’ (someone with a vast knowledge of music) no, no i didnt. I came across these two guys via the greatness of IDN (International Designers Network) Magazine, under the little design group called Non-Format….what you’ve heard of them? I thought as much. Well they’ve been published in both IDN and Grafik recently and they’re also designing the free t-shirt you get with grafik if you subscribe to them, and trust me its worth it. Non-Format is the creative team of Kjell Ekhorn (Norwegian) and Jon Forss (British). They work
on a range of projects including art direction, design and illustration for arts & culture, music industry and fashion and advertising clients. They also art direct Varoom: the journal of illustration and made images. ‘Varoom’ is a great magazine as well, and you can definatly see that its them from the typeface they use for the magazines logo, very contemporary stuff here and some amazing design. Oh and some cool music!

This design was created by my favorite graphic designer and illustrator Kate Moross. I’ve mentioned her earlier in my blog and if you havent been to visit her site, then  your not very clever! So once again here’s her Link and make sure you look at everything! This t-shirt is her design for the DJ group Simian Mobile Disco, English duo of electro, and they are equally as brilliant, if you haven’t hear Hustler then get on it, its a banger. Simian Mobile Disco’s live show is fulled with neon glows glitchy beats and throbbing bass lines. Serious stuff if you ask me, and these geometric induced t-shirts are as cool and stylish as they are seriously nice! I can’t shout out how great Kate Moross is! GO LOOK!!!



Rumaging around in my grandmas loft i came across my parents old vinyls. Amongst them all was this Korker! I’m a huge fan Electro and Techno sounds and Kraftwerk are the boys who set it all off, computer programed beats and bleeps and made their first real buck out of the single ‘The Model’. If you havent heard it then just downloa…i mean BUY FROM A RECORD STORE, or itunes alternativly. I’ve put it on here, mainly for its cutting edge graphics and its importance as a group of guys doing something new and exciting! You could compare them to those darned wierd Italian Futurists, for their visionary of computer technology taking over, and a decade later being right. I cant find out who designed the cover anywhere but i presume someone equally ahead of their time. Anyway if you find out let me know, coz id love to find out too.


Jesus Image (Thing 7)

December 21, 2008

Now i hope this post doesn’t offend anyone so ill keep myself to myself about religion, so lets just talk semiotics 😀 HA! I myself am not religious but i’d say spiritual and i have a great fascination of the world and its many different and beautiful religions (my favorites Hindu ….oh there i go!!) I’ve lived in the middle east and Spain and Britain, and experienced some of the worlds leading religions and lived in their cultures, traditions and climates! But for me the Catholics seem to be the most serious and often devoted to their many wonderful traditions, that being in Spain. So you can guess I’ve seen a LOT of images of Christ, and out of all of them, i’ve come across some very funny interpretations (i.e. flashing lights around Christ set in a frame on my way past a stall coming out of one of the summer fiestas in Spain.) Kitsch is a brilliant word for this image, it sums up the billions of images and the many variations of Christ in his mortal form. I’d say this image speaks largly of Christ as a sympathizer, someone i know (of Christan faith) called it a ‘weak’ image of Christ. Even so Religion and its symbols and its cultural ruling in society, is humanities rather exciting and often strange part in a technologically advancing race. Where will it be in 50 years time? I guess it’ll be right here, whisking its way around the Internet village to all its followers!

Image in Frame found in Newport Charity Shop. Cost 50p.

Mr. Stay Puft Toy (Thing 6)

December 21, 2008


I’ve had this Stay Puft Marshmellow man from the first Ghost Busters for well over a decade now and hes still with me. I knew as a child this guy was the collest character ever made (well him and dexter from dexers laboratory!) Stay Puft was the iconic symbol of the Ghostbusters block buster movie in the 80’s and is still a bit of an icon today (mostly with adults!) His designer was actually Dan Aykroyd, and the creator was a man called Bill Bryan who wore the suite as well. Through a clever mix of miniatures, optical compositing, and the performance of Bill Bryan himself inside the latex, this simple rubber suit appeared on screen as a 100 plus foot monster made of mallow, bent on stomping the life out the Ghostbusters and anything else that might get in his way. Its an obvious cross between the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Michellin Man ! Still brilliant!