magThis is the final piece of 10 Magazine, the piece I’ve been working towards making all the products for! So her is a preview of how it looks with the Screen Printed Sleeve, and double page spreads! Hope you Like it, comments are very welcome!



Dallas Clayton

January 15, 2009

dallas_clayton_ccoverThis illustrator i just found on a stumble over the web. This little book is how all of us designers should be, always dreaming, always thinking of things that are more mad than life will allow, BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE, NOT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE WANTS YOU TO BE SO DREAM!!! YAY!!! go and read the book here it will make you smile a huge smile!


If you love photography and history then you’ll love this, only last year about 2 months ago LIFE magazine posted on Google all its images dating back to 1860! Theres some seriously amazing moments that haven’t been seen by the rest of the world before now. I Really think everyone should look at this as a piece of history and the brilliant medium of photography.

” A cover of the earlier Life

Magazine from 1911

“Life was born January 4, 1883, in a New York City artist’s studio at 1155 Broadway. The founding publisher was John Ames Mitchell, a 37-year old illustrator, who used a $10,000 inheritance to launch the weekly magazine. Mitchell created the first Life nameplate with cupids as mascots; he later drew its masthead of a knight leveling his lance at the posterior of a fleeing devil. Mitchell took advantage of a revolutionary new printing process using zinc-coated plates, which improved the reproduction of his illustrations and artwork. This edge helped because Life faced stiff competition from the bestselling humor magazines Judge and Puck, which were already established and successful. Edward Sandford Martin was brought on as Life’s first literary editor; the recent Harvard graduate was a founder of the Harvard Lampoon.” (Wikipedia article)

LE GUN Magazine.

January 14, 2009

scanned-lg2-coverI can’t remember how i came across Le Gun, but im bloody glad i have, a real underground gritty kinda magazine from London. It has a very eccentric feel about it illustration and stories make up most of the contributions in the magazines. Its a contribution magazine, people send in their work of stories or art and the rest i loosely based around a theme. They have become a their way worldwide onto bookshelves in 2007 and are into their 4th issue. They are already taking contributions for 2009 for the summer issue, so if you want to send something in do so now, but i warn you, it doesn’t look easy to get published 😀


I came across Mike Perry on the cover of an Issue of Grafik, now getting yourself on the cover of any magazine is a big deal, so i guessed this guy would be as well. He’s an American boy from Minneapolis, his recent publication “Hand Job” Is a collection of hand illustrated typographical treatments for all sorts of text and in imaginative outcomes. His other work, is based mainly around illustration and uses that as his main medium to communicate ideas. His style reminds me of the cut and paste accuracy of being in primary school and as you may have read i love the nostalgic forces of using limited style and technique to create a new exciting visual style that has no boundaries, it almost comes under the term of vernacular and is almost an instinctive style from his younger years. click the images to whizz yourself over to his web page. 656_h500482_h500



December 23, 2008

On my visit to the Design museum in London I found Parras little book of his illustrations. Some of you might be aware that I have the t-shirt by him and have been a big fan since finding his work on Teenage Bad Girls album. Ever Since then i’ve been trying to find his stuff online and lo and behold have come across it since creating this blog. His work is completely original from what i’ve seen, and extremly colourful and humerous. I mostly enjoy his typographic treatments all hand drawn and then finished digitally. He is one of my top illustrators on here and can now finally be found where Rachel Thomas is, on the Big Active website, amongst other great minds. This book is mostly a portfolio of all the major work and piece’s he has created. He also has his own cloth line Rockwell Clothing, which i could plug with a link but im not into that sort of thing! Anyway check out more of his work on the Big Active

I chose this issue out of my 14 because its just brilliant Pink! The letters INK have a special ink on them that glow in the dark, i just love this effect and the kind of effort Grafik puts in for its readers. This issue the profile is on Rachel Thomas and thats the real reason why i posted this up here. She works in a large range of media, from Giant Inflatables (a bit like Jeff Koons) intricate paper sculpture and glittering props shes “the mistress of materials.” A feel of 1930’s to 1940’s work, and often the surreal can be said to encompasses the work she produces. Come of her clients involve music heavy weights, Roslin Murphy, Oasis and Goldfrapp. Her work is very seductive and hugely feminine working with balloons, “there’s something really rude about balloons, not only the shape but the whole world of balloons…something perverted, something odd.” (Rachel Thomas: Grafik June 08), She is part of the Art and Design Agency The Big Active as well as other artists i will show on here, creating some amazing work.