Jason De Caires.

January 14, 2009

I’ve just stumbled across the sculptural artist Jason De Caires, who creates underwater sculpture. His sculptures are a sort of collaboration with nature, that in time all things man made with be destroyed by nature, but it is the very coral that grows on his work that will keep them from deteriorating. The sculptures are placed in shallow water so they are accessible to snorkelers and divers, they are bolted to the sea bed to keep them from being pushed or shifted byt the oceans current. These are mesmerising pieces and now ive found out about them id love to go and snorkle to see them.de-caires-1


Tara Donovan

January 14, 2009


Tara Donovans work, seems to represent that of global warming and environmental issues creating sculptural pieces out of plastic cups, fishing lines, and paper plates. Her sculptures are organic and beautiful, it captures a lot of the organic shapes of the ocean and its beauty being damaged by man kinds reckless consumerism and disposable lifestyles we lead today. These forms have a very minimalist feel to them, pure forms white space with the quality of detail. Her work reminds me of the architect Zaha Hadid for their play with curves and fluid structures. Not only does her work reflect and environmental angle it also plays with space and infinity, the white expanse of the work imitates an endless construction of everyday materials. The way she constructs her pieces has to take place within the exhibition space, thus creating the space along the same processes as many minimalists of the 1960’s such as James Turrel as I’ve mentioned before, the architecture of the space becomes the sculpture.


Rachel Thomas.

January 12, 2009

largeimg-3I’ve already mentioned before in the animation part, but Rachel Thomas has to have a bigger part in my inspiration blog! Set designer, art director and overall genius, Thomas works with Big Active creating amazing works for Nike and Orange to name a few. Her work consists of large props colourful settings and fun and playful ideas creating her very own world of fun. She works with a select group of photographers to bring her work to life and give it that extra dimension to her work. Her work with balloons she recalls comes from the notion of them being rude and sexual in a disturbing way! But it is her work for orange that really caught my eye, with the massive props playing out the story to the narration. Anyway look at her work on big active and you will fall in love with her work!

Sandy Skogland.

January 10, 2009

fishinstal1Another female sculpture, her work based around the surreal and absurd, Skoglands work is the most imaginative installation piece i have seen that creates a dream like effect. She says her work is a mixture of artificial and natural much like her life, craving the artificial happiness life offers and its counterpart of the natural selection of choices. Her work and scenes create problems for the viewer and conflict with the reality that is before them,  fishes swimming around in a bedroom , the reality is crossed as it is in the dream state, the fishes swarm at the bed and enforce this idea through placement by skogland. The contrasting colours not only highlight the moments of chaos and disruption in the scenes but divide them as if life is surrounded by these moments that go unnoticed. She is my all time favorite! Enjoy her website.

Jen Stark

January 10, 2009


Her amazing Sculptural Creations have made her famous. She works with many different layers of coloured paper sculpting almost floral arrangements. She came about producing these piece on the off chance in France, only having so much money to be materials she decided to purchase low cost coloured paper and the rest they say, is history. Her work stems from the same idea as Julien Vallee using an analogue design technique to produce high quality art. Her work is extremely spiritual the repetition of colour and form creates a mesmerizing body of work.

James Turrell.

January 9, 2009

James Turrell could show these boys a thing or two, Turrell was born in 1943 in Los Angeles and graduated from Pomona College in 1965.  His work soon evolved into the geometric Minimalist movement of the 60’s, along with Donald Judd and John Cage and minimalist musician, Turrell began to explore the fundamentals of the geometric shape as a path of spirituality as minimal and pure art form. His work ‘Spirit and Light’, works with the architectural space and projection on the join of two walls to create the illusion of shape and space. The idea of light and shape conjoin to conceptualise the most pure form of spirituality, simplicity in form, free from all chaos and obscurity. His work has greatly influenced me in my understanding of shape and space in my own work.james_turrell jt_3

Julien Vallée AMAZING!

January 8, 2009


Julien has got to be one of my most favorite analogue designers i have seen in a long while. On the same tone as Pierri Vanni, Julien works with paper and materials to create elaborate worlds often exploding out of anything and everything, mixing sculpture, materials techniques such as after effects and typography. He’s worked with some big names such as MTV and The New York Times, animating and generally making them look really good. His work has been published all over the place, in the book 3D graphic space, his work can be seen and shows details of how and what he does to create those amazing sculptures.