magThis is the final piece of 10 Magazine, the piece I’ve been working towards making all the products for! So her is a preview of how it looks with the Screen Printed Sleeve, and double page spreads! Hope you Like it, comments are very welcome!



Sister Corita

January 14, 2009


Sister Corita was a Nun in the 1960’s and also an political activist. During the 60’s Vietnam war had become public knowledge of the conflict and brutality, through great photographers such as Don Mcullin. Coritas work have been regarded as “more adventurous” than Andy Warhol, taking screen printing to the streets and protest as an art form that speaks to the people rather than a self indulgent profitable art form that Pop Art was gaining its reputation for. Although her work evolved over her career, what I found interesting was her re-assemblage of advertising slogans, commercial products, headlines, etc., her distorted typography, her bold color palettes, her strong philosophical/political messages and the overall positivity and freshness that emanates from her work and has it feel as new today as it did over 40 years ago. She really is an amazing women and a heroin of our time.


January 9, 2009

Melvin is an English boy born and bred. He works mostly with sticky tape and labels creating exciting typographic outcomes and making bright and brilliant pieces of work. His instillation pieces often cover a lot of space, lines of colour weaving in and out of each other as they place around architecture and over objects. His work for Nike seems most suitable because his work often represents sports stripes and goes hand in hand with the tasks set out by Nike he decorated a bench using the different coloured tape. He’s largely known for his poster work, using sticky labels to create amazing typographic pieces for the university exhibition for YCN titled “SHOW OFF”.melvin_galapon

Julien Vallée AMAZING!

January 8, 2009


Julien has got to be one of my most favorite analogue designers i have seen in a long while. On the same tone as Pierri Vanni, Julien works with paper and materials to create elaborate worlds often exploding out of anything and everything, mixing sculpture, materials techniques such as after effects and typography. He’s worked with some big names such as MTV and The New York Times, animating and generally making them look really good. His work has been published all over the place, in the book 3D graphic space, his work can be seen and shows details of how and what he does to create those amazing sculptures.


December 23, 2008

On my visit to the Design museum in London I found Parras little book of his illustrations. Some of you might be aware that I have the t-shirt by him and have been a big fan since finding his work on Teenage Bad Girls album. Ever Since then i’ve been trying to find his stuff online and lo and behold have come across it since creating this blog. His work is completely original from what i’ve seen, and extremly colourful and humerous. I mostly enjoy his typographic treatments all hand drawn and then finished digitally. He is one of my top illustrators on here and can now finally be found where Rachel Thomas is, on the Big Active website, amongst other great minds. This book is mostly a portfolio of all the major work and piece’s he has created. He also has his own cloth line Rockwell Clothing, which i could plug with a link but im not into that sort of thing! Anyway check out more of his work on the Big Active

Chrissie Abbott Zine

December 22, 2008

As well as purchasing Hannah Waldron’s Zine, i also got myself Chrissie Abbots. ‘In My Mind Im Clapping’ is an edition of a collection of some of her illustrations. Her work is largely collage and illustration, she sources from the kitsch lifestyle of others, usually using geometric constructions woven with images humorous scenes of people or animals. In all its diversity her work is that of nostalgia and reform as she connects with the contemporary and discarded imagery of life of other people. Her work is extremly inspiring for me, as i have always loved this type of work where nostalgia is involved, and recapturing ones childhood (i have all my WWF wrestlers lined up on my mantle-piece in my living room at university!) I think its the mid 80’s babies that were left in a kind of limbo by where they were to young to appreciate the terrible fashion but to old to grasp it when it came back round.

chrissie is also on wordpress—–    +++++++

ABC 3D Video….

December 22, 2008

Just found this demonstration of Marion Bataille’s ABC 3D book, Thought you might like to check it out and how it all works, its deffinatly worth a watch, its just as cool as the book! GO BUY IT!!!