I havent posted much on here for a while, but i havent been looking around much, until i saw this today, just after i’d been to see simian mobile disco in London and heard this new amazing track, and ive been tracking Kate on her work with this, and finally its here! I real treat of what i can only describe as atomic collisions on the dance floor!!


Little bit of cool animation and remix collaboration work!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

Duncan LOves These Ladies!

January 9, 2009

IM going to feture my top 10 ladies that inspire me and are true heroins of Art and Design. They are all from different art practices and background and i hope you love their work and get something out of what you’re about to see! Right here goes My top 10 Favorites!


December 30, 2008

This is a little 10 post day of my top 10 current designers, it’s hard to put down my all time top ten, but i like to keep things current on my blog, and old skool in my research file, you could say im a Futurist, without the dodgy manifesto. The reasons i’ve chosen some of these designers is down to a few pointers, and ill list them:

1: They are still dsigning and good at it.

2:They make work i wish i was in some way cappable of

3:They have been used as sources of inspiration at one point in my design journey.



December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas everyone on wordpress and around the world. Ill be off for the next couple of days to have a life an to relax for five minutes! LOVE TO ALL MANKIND and the ladies!

Right so you’ve seen my CD cover top 10’s and I’ve discovered along the way some great stuff and links. Now its time for my Top 10 Publications before i set out on my quest to show you my influences and loves when it comes to art and design and with some more great videos and other such stuffs! Owning books and magazines, and odd little one offs are all the tings i love in life, owning things! My rooms beginning to fill and my book shelf is very cramped. So here are some of my all time favorites, from old to right now. Hope you enjoy what i own and find some great things amongst my stuff.

Its time to get everything I’ve been looking at as research up my blog, so you’ll be able to see my inspiration and direction in which my work has been going, and it’d be nice for me to see as well. When i look back over my past projects, its noticeable everything has been inspired by something else, usually other designers, artists or illustrators, and out of those i notice i pick little bits i like and put them together in my work, almost like a type of ‘Reconstruction art’, deconstruct to reconstruct. So I’ll begin with my top ten things in my room, objects I’ve collected, bought or found or even been given. Hopefully this will give you an insight to my brain, simply because they are all personal belongings. So here they are, my top 10 things i own!