TEN Magazine Animation!!!

January 13, 2009

This is the 5th attempt at an animation for my magazine 10. Its a little bit rough round the edges but im pretty proud of it for my final piece. The idea that it was created all by hand and hand animated like the animations i’ve posted up on my blog. I’m not a fan of Flash and find its not a fan of me so we keep our distance 😀 Anyway i hope you enjoy it as much i liked making it, even though i think i might have a repetitive strain injury!


I think this guys been posted on blogs more times than I’ve had hot dinners, but whilst you’re here you might as well take a look at him if you havent already, hes a legend, and gosh doesn’t me make you want to get into paper engineering.

Julien Vallee

Snickers Don’t Stop!!

December 23, 2008

Found this amazing video via Itsnicethat.com, made by Valkieser, they used a technique called motion capture that can record and animate and form using the human bodies movements, like those little green balls you see sometimes on the making of, of large budget movies. “Although the final commercial was always meant to be PAL (720-576) we did the whole post in HD (1920-1080) to get the best possible results in motion-tracking and compositing.

Hans Loosman, VFX Supervisor”


This is a cracker, the first time i saw this i couldnt stop laughing, absolutly brilliant. Their website aint to shabby either!

These guys have got an amazing sense of humor, but not only that they’ve worked for some big names, NIKE, Orange, and PSP, my favorite from their own animations is this one, because of all the little ideas for a wizards meal, absolutely brilliant! I can’t post all their animations so go to their website and check them all out, you’ll be there for hours!!!

PES Website

http://www.cartoonbrew.com/author/pes (their Blog site)

Kristofer makes this series of animations for Ljudbilden a swedish animator also on here bloggin at wordpress. His animations are beautiful and interactive, as his creations come to life. I LOVE BLOGGING (oh sounds rude!)

Minilogue- Animals on TM&WI?

December 23, 2008

This is an amzing bit of animation and one that i want to share with you guys, im going to show you my next top ten animations and shorts for you all to see 😀

Director/Animator/Characterdesign: Kristofer Ström
AE/Filmmaestro/Cutting: Erik Buchholtz
Producers: Bart Yates, Nicholas Wakeham
Studio: varelsen.com / ljudbilden.com