Boys Noize ‘OI OI OI’ Album

December 22, 2008

The master of Electro and funnily enough and bit of a dude (i high fived him at the gig in Cardiff!) I’ve also just been to see him and modeselektor in Manchester at ‘The Warehouse Project’ Which i should post something about on here seeing as the design in that place is very f***ing cool! Anyway about the Album, well the skull is part of all of this. Much like the lastest Million pound art piece Damien Hurst produced (i dont believe in capitalist artists like Damien Hurst, its just dull and for the stupidly rich idiots and their oil blood money who love stupid art…enough said) No, this skull was made for the party scene, to fill those dance floors with the intense spinning lights and accompanied by sweet beats named ‘Disco Inferno’! The genius behind this is Christoph Steinmeyer, a pretty much unknown artist but has featured with this piece in Sies + Höke Gallery, Düsseldorf. If you go to their site you can see the installation piece their. Now onto the guy who designed the Album sleeve, Paul Snowden is from New Zealand but moved to Berlin to follow his carrer. He’s largely involved with the music scene in Berlin and thus teaming up with the likes of Boys Noize to create the album and the typeface for him. Boys Noize has his own record label and Snowden works on all the other EPs for the rest of the Boys Noize crew. Check out Snowden here.


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